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Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces

The Gender Knot

Men Explain Things To Me

More from “The Coward Harrison Chute”

The Battle Beyond Planet X (2014 – 2016)
At the crossroads of our world and theirs, examining popular works of science-fiction through a sociopolitical lens. A lot of the later episodes of this 100-volume podcast were increasingly anxious with illustrating utopia, work that continues here, but with a clean slate. Show got increasingly grimy, as well, like “ripped from the diary.” Listener discretion advised.

Questions: We Don’t Have Answers (2016 – present)
Donovan Grant and I tackle social issues by posing a question, ranging from “Can You Be Offended on Another’s Behalf” to “How Do You Make Friends?”

Bagels After Midnight (2017, 2018)
Discussion of the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Funny story, after I closed shop on The Battle Beyond Planet X, I was considering The Utopia Blueprint next, but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend came along and occupied my media crit mind for a little over a year.

A Generic Wonderful (2016 – present)
The blog that will never be. If there’s activity or updates on this one, that means I’ve convinced myself for the umpteenth time to try my hand at freelance media criticism, but to first build up a respectable stable of clips. That idea, while striking with the urgency of “rent, bills, and car insurance” never holds long enough.

Delightful Tides (early 2018)
Jerk anthology of science-fiction and other jerk genres.

Manner of the Unkind (2014 – present)
Just a tumblr. I don’t really use it, but I’ve always liked the title.